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Does Altify accept corporate customers?

Altify warmly welcomes corporate customers. Here's a straightforward guide to get your corporate account up and running:

Identify a representative from your company who can sign up with their company email address and verify themselves through the standard Altify sign-up process.
From this same email address, send a request to our Support Team email at, requesting to upgrade the personal account to a corporate one.

To successfully upgrade to a corporate account, Altify requires the following:

Ensure that each file you attach begins with the associated number from the list below:

Company registration document indicating directors of the company as well as company details (e.g., Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate).
Colour copy of the identification document and proof of address of every director of the company.
Proof of Registered Address.
Proof of the company's bank account.
Proof of the company's income tax number.
Proof of VAT Registration Number (if applicable).
A letter on company letterhead stating all the individuals/entities owning more than 10% of the company, along with their physical addresses (if a non-natural person such as another company or trust owns more than 10%, we need to obtain the natural person ownership of that entity too).
Colour copy of the identification document and proof of address of every owner identified in the above letter.
A letter on company letterhead stating all individuals authorised to trade on Altify on the company's behalf (these individuals should already be signed up and verified on Altify), along with their company email addresses used to sign-up on Altify (these accounts will be upgraded to corporate accounts).
In the above letter, please also state the purpose for opening the Corporate Account and the source of funds.
If the company provides financial services to third parties, provide a copy of the company's anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing compliance programme.

If you'd like to maintain both a personal and a corporate account under your name with two different emails but the same mobile number, please let us know.

Please note that Close Corporations, Trusts, Stokvels, Investment Clubs and Listed or Unlisted Companies are all welcome, however, you’ll need to reach out to our Support Team for assistance. You can email at, or send us a message via our on-site web messenger or from the Profile section of the mobile app.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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