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How do I avoid cryptocurrency scams?

At Altify, we want to educate the community not only about finance and wealth management but also about safety and other topics relevant to you. Here are a few tips that should help you to avoid getting scammed.

When contacted by a person or a business institution over the phone, by email, or on a social platform, always consider the possibility that it may be a scam. Be sceptical and do not take offers at face value.

How to protect yourself from scams?

Don’t click on links in emails from anybody you don’t trust. Also, double-check the sender’s email address to make sure the email is actually coming from whom it says it’s from.
Never share your personal information. When you are contacted by someone whether it’s over the phone, by email, or on social media, do not provide them with your Private Key, banking and credit card information, your birthdate, and personal identification numbers.
Do not pay in advance. Usually, scammers promise you gains or tell you that you have won something but you have to pay taxes or fees in advance, most likely they just want to take your money.
If you received a very attractive offer but you have doubts, take some time to think it over and talk to someone you trust. If you are pressured to act immediately, as scammers typically try to make you think something is scarce or on a limited time offer, take your time to discuss it with a family member, friend, or financial advisor.
Avoid installing third-party apps in your app, such as Anydesk, which gives scammers complete access to your device.
If you ever received an invoice via email claiming that you have large money in the Blockchain that you need to pay for to unlock it, this is a scam. Make sure to report this email and contact the support if you need help.
If you are not sure about the offer you’ve received, it is better to contact our support agents to check with them. You can contact our Support Team directly via email at, or send a message using our on-site web messenger or through the ‘Profile’ section on the mobile app.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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